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50+ Unique colour themes & textures

your style

Get inspiration for your next product photography shoot by exploring our unique styles. Pick a recipe, customise and create in just a few minutes.


Superzoom puts your product up front and centre with a focus on the fine details.


If you could capture summer vibes in product photography, this would be it. “Sunkissed” is here, any time of the year.


Perfectly chosen, different sized blocks give your audience the context of shape and size of your product.


What do we all think of when we hear the word “hero”? Centre of attention, star of the show… right?

Fly High

A truly eye-catching recipe, we create magic by making your product “float”. If ever there was a technique to make people “stop and stare”, this is it.


Sometimes we hear “I want a shot that looks pretty”… if this is you, this is probably the recipe for you.


Just your product on a white background, in the different angles that you need.


Your product is placed amongst “rough and ready” rocks.

Mirror Me

Using reflection, we create the illusion of space and complement your product in a way where it looks its best… x2.


Take your product to the depths of nature as it sits in elements of wind, water and greenery. Think “outdoor”.


Noir features rich, dark tones to encapsulate the exuberance of your product.


When you want to capture shots that feature just your product. No props — nothing more needed. This is your product… repeated.


We depict the texture of your product using “Swatch” — a fun way to bring your product out of its shell.