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MaterialPaper, card and flat backdrops tend to be the centre of Material as a recipe allowing for stunning design and flexibility of colour around your p...


InfluencerSubtle beauty and female bedroom elements bring out the lure in your product as it sits in a bed of cosy accent props. Floral elements alongside ...

Browse our collection of Recipes to find the creative style that best suits your product

StatueSimple, sophisticated and subtle notions make Statue the perfect catalogue style...

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Product Guidelines

In order to ensure we provide the highest quality service possible, we have set product eligibility criteria that must be met for us to process your order. If you place an order and your product fails to meet the guidelines below, we will offer a full refund of your order.

Product Size & Weight
Your product size must not exceed 50cm at its longest part. The maximum a size a product can be is 50cm in width, depth and height. The maximum weight of a single product is 10kg.
Product Returns
If you opt to have your item returned to you, we cannot guarantee that the item will be in the same condition as it was pre-photoshoot.
Well Packaged
Your product must be well packaged and padded well to avoid it being damaged in transit.
Unused Items
We recommend the products you send in are brand new and unused. Sending in old or used products could affect the quality of the images.
Restrcited Products
We do not accept products which contain alcohol, drugs, tobacco, adult images & pornography. We may not accept products which emphasise strong political or religious views.
Outdoor Photography
Our images are taken in our specially designed photography studio, we do not offer outdoor or location shots as a standard.