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Review Policy

We understand that sometimes the content you receive isn’t quite right, and that’s okay! That’s why we have our review system whereby you can request reviews of each and every photo within three days of them being marked as complete by our creative studio.

Reshoot Policy

Every image for us is a reflection of our values as a company. We want every photo to impress with a bang! On the very rare occasion that you are completely unhappy with your received content due to any of the issues listed below, you may request a reshoot with us through our review platform within three working days from receiving your content. You will receive a decision on whether your review has been accepted and if it has, it will be reshot and your shiny new content will be waiting in your Feedsauce account for you within five working days. 

Notes Missed

While the creative team read each and every note in your order before shooting, although rare, there are some occasions where your notes may have been missed. In this case, we of course will correct your image for you providing the notes were clear and easy to understand and the creative team missed them. Just select the reason ‘notes missed’ and we’ll do our best to correct that as soon as possible.

Blemish or Correction

In the extremely rare event that the creative team has left an imperfection on your finished image, please let us know by selecting ‘Blemish or Correction’ and we will rectify this for you.

Incorrect Products

While we make every effort to get to know your products as best as we can before shooting, we understand that nobody understands your products better than you. If you specified which product you wanted in the image and we have by mistake, used the incorrect product, then we will rectify this for you. Please just select ‘Incorrect Products’ for this specific scenario. 

Brand Clarity 

If you feel the image received does not clearly show your brand and could be clearer, then feel free to let us know. We understand that your images have to be just right for you, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you walk away more than 100% happy with your Feedsauce experience. 

Positioning Issue

The studio always places the products in the best possible format taking into account all the different creative elements such as lighting, positioning and props used. Where you don’t feel your product is best positioned, while detailed thought will have gone into that decision, we accept that you may want something changed. In this case, just select ‘Positioning Issue’ and we will review this and rectify wherever necessary. 

How to Request a Review

From your Feedsauce account, you can request edits within three days of your order being completed. Within 24 hours, a decision will be made on whether your requested review has gone through to the studio, or if it has been rejected, on this occasion. We will keep you updated and notified through email at all times, so you’ll never be in a position where you are unsure of where you are with your Feedsauce order!

Review Request Approved

If a review has been approved, you don’t need to do anything else. It will go directly through to the studio and your requested edits will be completed within five working days, or sooner. 

Review Request Rejected

If your review request does not fall under any of the categories listed above, then we are unable to implement our reshoot policy. You may of course, order new content at any time from your Feedsaucre account if you have decided you want new shots in the same recipe, or even a different recipe. 

Appeal Decision

If you think we have made a mistake with this, let us know through our ‘Appeals Platform’ which allows you to explain what might have gone wrong, in case we missed it!