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How to Create Shopify Ready E-commerce Photos in Less than £50

Sabah Shafi - 1 year ago

Are my Product Photos E-commerce Ready?

Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer which continues to grow month on month. Businesses all around the world: small, medium and large list their products for sale on Amazon to enable their presence in front of an enormous global audience. Amazon has specific ways of presenting products to the customer and to become a seller, you need to conform to the uniform structure Amazon has laid out. Similarly, Shopify offers a similar attractive scenario for businesses, offering brands a way to reach customers.  In order for brands to be ready to sell on Shopify and Amazon, there are some basic requirements to get started.

The first step to selling online with Shopify and Amazon is simple, clean white background photos to clearly and quickly be shown to your potential customers.

High quality photography shapes the first impressions that your potential customers can have of your brand. We’ll talk you through how to get started: whether you choose to outsource for ease, or even to take your own e-commerce ready photos.


Do It Yourself: Get Started From Home

You’ve probably watched all the Youtube videos you can find on how to create your own e-commerce ready photos. You’ve probably even researched the best camera to buy with your budget, and what lighting you need. After all, just plain white background shots…right?

While the requirements for plain backgrounds shot can be specific, it’s true that if you nail down the exact requirements and have these at the forefront of your mind, you can in theory photograph your own product. If you do have an eye for the photos you want and time on your hands, there is a way for you to execute plain background shots for your online store, at home. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Shooting Table

Price: £271.43

Available from Amazon.

2. Camera

Canon’s EOS 4000D DSLR Camera is a great entry level camera priced at the lower end of the spectrum. Basic shooting modes and exposure settings will allow you to adjust the white balance using your camera settings to allow you to get clean background photos with minimal retouching needed.

Price: £339.00

Available from Amazon.

Product photography camera

3. Lighting

Price: £179.99

Available from Amazon.


The Next Step: Faster, Cheaper E-Commerce Photos

While creative, lifestyle shots are important too: for social media, websites and press coverage; the first step usually tends to be the simple, e-commerce shots that you need fast.

Feedsauce is the key for doing things effectively, but fast… we can have your photos ready in as little as 24 hours. All you need to do is choose “Storefront”  (our e-commerce product photography template) on our recipes page, choose the sizes you need your photos in, and add to checkout.


How much does e-commerce product photography cost?

E-commerce product photography costs £30 per photo; and that includes us handling the entire creative process for you, from concept to completion. No need for you to think about how, where and when: we have it all covered. Once we have your products; you’ll have your photos.


Keep it Simple: Use the Feedsauce Template

If you decide to and successfully manage to take your own high quality photos ‘e-commerce ready’, then hats off to you! You are now ready to launch your product in front of all your potential customers and unlock a whole new world of online selling.

When it comes to marketing and promoting your products, and you need eye-catching, creative imagery: Feedsauce remains on call to create high quality, affordable product photos to capture the attention of your audience. Feedsauce is rated Excellent on Trustpilot and as one of our recent customers wrote, “Undoubtedly one of the easiest and best ways to create eye catching content of your products.”

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How to Create Shopify Ready E-commerce Photos in Less than £50
How to Create Shopify Ready E-commerce Photos in Less than £50 19 October 2020
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