I’ve been fascinated with content for a long time – I say ‘long time’ as if I’m far past my prime but I feel working on Feedsauce has given me a whole new lease on life. I’m 26 now but obsessing over the way things look, why they look a type of way and how I myself can play a part in shaping the way those things look has always been a curiosity and stretches across all mediums of media.

Yet the part that intrigued me the most as I developed my design skills and spent the best part of the last 8 years running 2 media companies is how underrated ‘good presentation’ really is – the irony even in that sentence is that ‘good’ is an underwhelming choice of words to emphasise the importance of presentation. I want to take you on a thought process in my mind and share why I believe Feedsauce is the future of content, with some insight into how we plan on making that future possible.

The ‘Aggressive Agency’ Approach